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Patent Attorney for Amazon Sellers

Among the myriad challenges encountered by Amazon merchants, navigating the complexities of patent law stands paramount. The expertise of a Patent Attorney for Amazon Sellers from Hollowell Patent Group may be instrumental in not only protecting and establishing your brand and product line but also in effectively managing and mitigating infringement disputes. Expert guidance from a Patent Attorney for Amazon Sellers from Hollowell Patent Group may be crucial to forestall potential legal entanglements and facilitate reaching your commercial objectives.

An Experienced Amazon Patent Lawyer

At Hollowell Patent Group our Amazon Patent Lawyers will help you with all aspects of patent law.

Our patent lawyers work side-by-side with business owners and entrepreneurs to:

  • Avoid infringement claims
  • Establish protection for your patent
  • Respond to and resolve patent disputes
  • Initiate infringement claims when they arise
  • Working with Hollowell Patent Group is an investment in your future success. We provide a valuable service to our clients who sell products thru Amazon by helping them build and protect their brand.

Navigating Amazon Patent Infringement Issues

Receiving a notice of a patent rights infringement can be a serious matter. An infringement could result in your listing being removed, and your account may be suspended without giving you a chance to defend yourself. This is why it is essential to seek professional help from an Amazon Patent Lawyer.

At Hollowell Patent Group, we can handle Amazon patent infringement appeals, and complaints. Our experienced team of patent attorneys know how to defend your listing and protect your Amazon seller account from being suspended or removed. We are here to help you navigate this complex process and ensure that you have the best chance of appealing the infringement complaint.

Our patent attorneys are licensed and qualified to determine if your product is infringing and can also provide a legal opinion concerning your case. This is something that no one other than a licensed patent attorney can legally provide. Our patent attorneys are equipped with the technical skills and legal authority to evaluate your product and identify evidence supporting non-infringement. In cases where our patent attorneys determine your product is not infringing, we can also write a letter arguing against the infringement allegation. Such a non-infringement letter presented with strong evidence in support of non-infringement may help prevent future complaints from being filed against your account. We can also assist you in obtaining a retraction of the complaint from the rights owner and help you prepare a plan of action that explains how you have resolved the complaint and what steps you have taken to prevent such complaints in the future.


We work with Small to Mid-size Companies

  • We have a specialization in the areas of emerging technology patents for various industries.
  • We know the ins and outs of the process and the legal requirements to get your patent secured.
  • Our team helps companies move their technology from inception and protection all the way to licensing and defense.
  • A proven track record of award-winning services for securing patents, trademarks, contracts/NDA’s and even Intellectual Property Litigation.

We work with renowned Law Firms for high-stakes litigation

  • Your firm may not have an Intellectual Property Team on staff, which is fine. That’s where we come in!
  • We often work with other law firms who trust Hollowell Patent Group for Contracts and IP Licensing.
  • The HPG team has been serving clients for over two decades with issued patents in over 100 countries.
  • We are THE Patent Law Experts with a track-record of results.

How to Avoid Patent Infringement Claims

Protecting the Packaging and Appearance of Your Amazon Product

If your product has a distinct appearance or unique packaging that helps consumers to identify your specific product, then you may qualify for trade dress protection. Filing for trade dress protection can protect your brand as well as guard against infringement claims from other sellers. An Amazon Patent lawyer can discuss whether seeking trade dress protection is worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you do not need a patent to sell your product on Amazon, but it is wise to consider one. Sellers with a variety of products may need to apply for both types of patents (a design patent and a utility patent). Patent law can be incredibly complex and is quite difficult for non-lawyers to navigate. It’s also important to understand the limitations of patent protection. An Amazon patent lawyer can help you navigate these issues and get the protection you need.

If you face a patent infringement claim because of selling through Amazon, then call Hollowell Patent Group and let our experienced patent attorneys resolve any disputes.

Patent disputes are more common than many people realize. For example, they may claim that the other party is selling an item that infringes upon their patent rights. In most situations, the parties involved can continue operating using the disputed intellectual property until a court reviews the dispute and determines who holds the appropriate rights.

If someone claims that you are infringing on their patent and reports it to Amazon, Amazon may simply suspend that listing or even your whole account, meaning that you can no longer sell that particular item or sell anything at all until the dispute is resolved. In addition, Amazon will hold any funds from sales not yet paid for up to 90 days or more while the dispute is pending.

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