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Dr. Hollowell of Hollowell Patent Group

Kelly Hollowell

Kelly Hollowell is the founder and managing partner of Hollowell Patent Group. Dr. Hollowell has over 25 years’ experience and has built highly successful IP practices and platforms for multiple firms across the United States.

Dr. Hollowell has a proven track record in patent prosecution and portfolio management with over 1000 patents filed in over 90 countries. Dr. Hollowell also has significant experience in infringement analysis, litigation support, licensing and contracts.

Subject Matter proficiencies include medical devices, renewable energy systems, fitness devices, health and beauty products, mechanical systems, food technology and consumer products pharmacology and drug delivery systems, DNA technology and stem cell therapy.

Dr. Hollowell is licensed in VA and TN and is a registered Patent Attorney since 1998.

Richard A. Baker, Jr, CLP

Richard Baker is a senior patent practitioner with over 23 years of experience drafting patent applications and negotiating claim scope with patent examiners. For the past several years, Mr. Baker filed between 25-30 patents per year and had a similar number issue from the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Rich Baker is a member of the US Patent Bar, the President of the National Association of Patent Practitioners, a Certified Licensing Professional, and served as trustee of the Licensing Executives Society (LES) USA and Canada. He is a named inventor on 35 US patents.

Mr. Baker has split the past two decades evenly between operating his own firm (New England Intellectual Property) and serving in-house as the Director of Intellectual Property for Bottomline Technologies, 3Com Corporation, and Schneider Automation.

Mr Baker’s graduate studies include intellectual property at Franklin Pierce Law Center and computer science at Harvard University. He holds a BSc in computer science and English (dual major) from the University of New Hampshire, where he also minored in electrical engineering.

Timothy M. Nitsch

Tim represents individual inventors and small, midsized and large corporations. He has experience in technology-related industries such as computer software, computer networking, automation systems, electrical circuits, mechanical systems and business methods.

Tim is a registered patent attorney with extensive experience prosecuting patent applications related to liquid crystal displays including applications relating to device and manufacturing methods for organic LED and LCD displays such as the formation of the layers of oLED pixels, backlighting devices for displays, signal processors for LCD displays, driving devices and methods for oLED and LCD displays, sampling circuits for LCD and oLED displays, touch sensitive LCD and oLED displays, devices and methods of providing different optical layers on displays, devices and methods of providing optical layers for three dimensional viewing of images on oLED and LCD displays, and LCD displays on camera and cellular phones (flip chip technology).

Tim also has extensive experience drafting and negotiating license agreements for technology, drafting and negotiating software development agreements, master service agreements, manufacturing agreements and distribution agreements. Tim also manages and files trademarks and copyrights.

Prior to practicing law, Tim was a building automation engineer. He also has experience as a senior research engineer at a large network infrastructure manufacturer and is a named inventor on six patents for electrical devices and software.

Tim is licensed in IL and is a registered patent Attorney

Taylor Bradham

Taylor Bradham has a technical background in physics and focuses his practice on several areas of patent law, including cloud-based computing systems, AI, enterprise device management software, oil and gas machinery, and others. He performs patent counseling, including shaping client portfolios by drafting and successfully prosecuting patent applications at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Taylor also assists with all areas of patent litigation, including helping clients enforce indemnity provisions in licensing contracts.

Taylor is registered with the USPTO and is licensed to practice law in the state of Georgia.



Herb Lacey of Hollowell Patent Group

Herb Lacey

Herb Lacey holds a BS in Electrical Engineering, (cum laude, North Carolina State University) and a Master of Computer Science, (North Carolina State University, 2008)

Herb’s background includes more than twenty years of engineering experience. Herb has drafted and prosecuted patent applications and claims for subject matter including electrical, electronic, networking, cloud services, database systems and methods, cryptographic systems and methods, mobile devices, mobile apps, blockchain applications, machine learning, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, audio / image / video processing, wireless systems including Wi-Fi and cellular technologies, autonomous systems, medical imaging, fraud detection, security systems, and mechanical apparatus including consumer accessories, industrial equipment, tools, and assistive devices for individuals with disabilities. In addition, Herb has successfully prosecuted cases with subject matter that faced 35 USC 101 rejections over Bilski and Alice. Herb is also the sole inventor for several US Patents in the network communications field.

Herb Lacey is a Patent Agent licensed to practice in patent cases before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Carl Giordano

Mr. Giordano’s legal career has advanced through both corporate and large law firms. He was Assistant General Counsel of System Management ARTS (SMARTS) in White Plains, NY, where he prepared and prosecuted patents in the network management and diagnostic field and software licensing. At SMARTS, he developed and managed a patent portfolio management system that reduced the cost of patent portfolio development by reviewing and managing outside counsel costs. He also advised senior management with regard to Intellectual Property portfolio development and management for various business units covering patents for engineering, Trademarks for marketing and Copyrights for documentation.
Other specialties include LCD displays, Field Emission Technology display, Electrophoretic displays, telecommunication, lasers, the Internet and Business technologies, optical communication, next generation radio/internet systems, airborne electronic warfare equipment, capable of signal detection, signal processing and signal suppression systems.
Mr. Giordano holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) degree and a Master of Engineering (Electrical) degree from The City College of New York.

Mr. Giordano is licensed to practice in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut and registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Sarah Steen Bessinger

Sarah Steen Bessinger

Sarah Steen Bessinger is a native of Bowling Green, Kentucky graduating summa cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree from Western Kentucky University in 2011, and a Juris Doctor degree cum laude from Northern Kentucky University in 2015. Sarah has been with Hollowell Patent Group for 5 years offering services in trademark law, contracts, licensing and local government civil matters. Outside of her career, Sarah enjoys being an active member of the Warren County community by serving as a board member for Megan’s Mobile Grocery and SoKY Marketplace and volunteering with Glory Baby Ministry. Sarah is licensed to practice law in Kentucky.

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